Xiamen Fu Hua Tong import and Export Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in food trade and production. Main business: fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables and aquatic products, fresh frozen livestock and poultry products, canned products, Australian beef, Australian olive oil and other products import and export business.
     The enterprise implements the business strategy of "taking import and export trade as the center, industrial and trade union and multi party cooperation". It works closely with the Fujian Green Food Industry Group Co., Ltd. of agricultural and sideline products. As a material base for agricultural and sideline products trade, the series of quick frozen aquatic products and quick frozen fruit and vegetable products are produced for the "Greg" brand. Export business.

At the same time, cooperation with a number of food production enterprises and industry and trade enterprises, in the fields of aquatic products, fruit and vegetable processing, canned food and other fields to establish good faith trade partners, form a powerful circulation of import and export goods, effectively meet the needs of different levels of different customers. At present, enterprises are actively developing domestic and foreign markets: imported Australian beef, special grade virgin olive oil and other healthy food supply domestic market; export quick frozen fish slices, squid, shrimp and other aquatic products and frozen beans, green SA beans, broccoli, taro, edible fungi, litchi and other fruit and vegetable products to the United States Canada, Europe, Middle East, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions. Enterprises already have relatively stable diversified buying and selling network. .

Service Idea  

Enterprises adhere to the people-oriented, sincerity, credit, integrity and business, customer first principle, adhere to the quality of quality, nutrition, safety, health, on the basis of maintaining the interests of consumers, and strive to provide customers with good service and safety and quality products. The company sincerely hopes to cooperate with friends from all walks of life on the basis of mutual benefit, and seek common development and achieve win-win results.


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